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Aero 15-X9 Sleep and Screen Off Not Working

Aero 15-X9 Sleep and Screen Off Not Working
« on: April 23, 2021, 05:48:29 am »
I have an Aero 15-X9 and the laptop never auto sleeps or turns off the screen no matter what duration I set.

This only started happening when I rebuilt it last Christmas using the backup drive I created with the Gigabyte software when I got it.

I started fault finding by booting into Safe Mode and the screen turns off fine there, so I disabled everything in the Task Manager Start-up page and then turned them on one by one rebooting after each was enabled (this was, as you might expect, a fairly painful experience).

It turns out if all of these (Gigabyte services) are disabled then the screen times out.


There have been several updates of the Control Centre since I first encountered this issue and I have installed them all but none of them fix the issue.

I have tried Powercfg but it doesn't see any wake locks.

I tried excluding them with powercfg /requestsoverride process but that doesn't work either.

At the moment I have a batch file that stops them all and starts them all and a task in Task Scheduler that is triggered at screen lock and unlock.

This works fine and the screen turns off or the laptop sleeps, but it's a bit of a bodge and slows the unlock process down.

Has anyone else had this issue or know of a fix?