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G32QC USB ports not working

G32QC USB ports not working
« on: April 25, 2021, 09:26:52 am »
Hi. I have a twofold problem which has existed since purchasing the G32QC at the end of last year.
Started off by trying to get OSD Sidekick to work... it keeps saying a USB cable isn't connected. This happens with any USB cable I try, including a new one. Gigabyte advised me to uninstall and re-install a specific version of Sidekick, I've done so and it's the same situation.

Whilst trying this out, I tried connecting my keyboard to either of the G32QC USB ports, it didn't pick up. Same with my mouse, and anything else I put in there.

So, any suggestions appreciated for whether there's an issue with the USB ports on the monitor, and if not with getting Sidekick to work.
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