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Terrible Service Gigabyte and CCLOnline UK

Terrible Service Gigabyte and CCLOnline UK
« on: September 15, 2021, 11:12:57 am »
It's amazing how you can spend so much on a product and get the absolute worst support.

After ongoing issues with a Gigabyte Xtreme 3090 (I am not the only one in this range, lots of the same issue on the Nvidia forums with EVGA as well). The old black screen, fans go 100% crash (It's not the PSU as I have tried 3 1000w+ good quality ones. I have tried the card in a different machine. It's not drivers or this setting or that) I got a swap after much faffing about and this card is the same.

CCLOnline have tried to contact Gigabyte for weeks (apparently) with no response. I then put through a message to try to get an update, mentioned the person I had been dealing with and the ref number. That very person who I have been dealing just got back to me with a standard pat response about returning it for testing as though it is the first time they have come across it (I have explained to them multiple times in the past that stress testing does not work). I mean, it's a great troll at this point I will give them that.

Anyway yeah, once bitten. I now have a £1700 GPU that only plays 50% of my games.