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RGB Fusion True FIX

RGB Fusion True FIX
« on: November 18, 2021, 07:54:11 am »
I'm sure I speak for many fellow Gigabyte Mobo owners/users saying the dramas using RGB Fusion and the never-ending frustrations attempting to have it work smoothly, recognize products it should and actually be an enjoyable part of our day is to put it mildly, way beyond it's best before date. We all spend a large amount of money investing in these products and for some it's a lot of time saving up also. Finally being able to afford these products and the happiness that comes when unboxing/building etc is short lived once 'technical' issues arise with issues using one of the mobo's main attractions, ARGB/RGB led's.
So to be clear I am not suggesting a coup against Gigabyte and their people, I'm saying FIX THE DAMN ISSUES and end the endless ridicule from their competition's clients and of course, allow RGB Fusion users some consistent reliability/enjoyment once and for all.
To me there is no excuse for shoddy work, excuses with no resolve or issues that are allowed to fester and persist. It's not brain surgery, it's just code in some damn led software, seriously, fix it and we move on. Or prepare for Gigabyte users/owners to say screw this my next build will be with a different company.
It's not personal, it's not meant to bash anybody working for Gigabyte, it's just a wake up call that every one of us not only gets but NEEDS once in awhile to help keep us on track and focused.
Balls in your court G, your move...