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Z77X-D3H rev 1.1 with F18i wont recognise TPM 2.0 chip properly


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  • I have aged GA-Z77X-D3H rev 1.1 MB
Z77X-D3H rev 1.1 has 20pin TPM header but wont recognise new GC-TPM 2.0 plug-in chip even though enabled in BIOS F18i and is pin compatible.
Board is old but I've had no problems updating it since Oct 2012 when built from scratch updating from Rev 1.0 which had failed.
Wanted TPM 2 chip for win11 use as I have i5-3450 without any TPM capability. I also have 16GB RAM and an SSD with RTX 2060 Super GPU fitted.  Runs reliably 24/7.
Win10pro wont recognise the TPM automatically, but I did add the device manually. It is not seem though in Crypto section as I suspect its BIOS at heart of problem. Help or suggestions welcome..


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Re: Z77X-D3H rev 1.1 with F18i wont recognise TPM 2.0 chip properly
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2022, 02:42:45 pm »
The problem is even if you can get windows to see it. Windows 11 will still not install if you are going that root. You have to have a 8th gen CPU for it to work. Not just the TPM installed. Sorry

But the good thing is you can still install windows 11. Do some research there are people out there that have fix windows 11 to run on a older computer. I have it running on a 1st gen CPU.
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Re: Z77X-D3H rev 1.1 with F18i wont recognise TPM 2.0 chip properly
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2022, 03:52:27 pm »
Greetings JennyHiggs,
I have some similar situations.  Laptop and desktop which are more than capable of running W11, but one with a limiting CPU and the other with no physical TPM or BIOS support.

I've also built a few windows 11 VMS and frankly, am not overly impressed with it at this point.  Nothing compelling there, or anything significant making me feel its something I've got to have.

As dmdilks pointed out, there are plenty of hacks available to get windows 11 installed on hardware MS deems as incompatible.  How much time you might want to spend doing that is up to you.  Your existing hardware will not support many of Windows 11's feature capabilities anyway, and there will not be any enhancements to your existing hardware, etc.  My advice, if you want Windows 11, buy hardware that supports it.  You've already received a 10 yr return on investment for your Z77.   
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