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When is the plus version of the Z690I Aorus being released in the UK?


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I really need a DDR4 one, but every UK retailer is still only selling the non plus version which should have been recalled?

I can import from the USA, but would I still get warranty if I do that?

The thing is I recently bought a 12600 and H670 asrock board believing I could overclock the ram, but it turned out that intel locked the SA voltages on non K chips so I can't. I can still use that motherboard for an upcoming Pentium upgrade from my G4560, as initially I was going to get a B660 for that, also thinking I would still be able to get 4000+ DDR4 ram on it, but that doesnt matter for the pentium build.

I need a Z series ITX board with DDR4 support, the only options being Asrock and Gigabyte for that, but the Asrock board has rubbish VRMs and cooling for Z series, and I plan to get a 13600K for it while trying to get a refund for the 12600 from Intel due to being incorrectly advertised as it can't even run my ram at XMP settings.

The gigabyte one is also 12 layers vs 8, Intel 2.5g lan vs Realtek, and technically better onboard sound but I've read there are a lot of issues with static noise from the ALC4080 chipset, but will see if I manage to get one.

I really need to know when they will be available in the UK.
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You'd have to contact sales for this type of information.  No one here can provide anything more definitive.
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I had this one and sold it because I upgrade to DDR5 memory. Gigabyte Z690 AORUS ELITE AX DDR4.

If you are from UK & France you have to buy it from those countries to get a 3 yr warranty. The warranties only work through who you bought it from not through Gigabyte.

"Motherboard:GIGABYTE provides 3 years warranty from the production date. The warranty applies exclusively to distributors and dealers. End users have to claim the RMA service through dealers where the product was purchased."

Warranty Terms
Please contact the location where the original order was placed.

Service Center
Please mail to UK and Ireland residents only) for further information

Here in the USA we have different laws and that is why are warranty is different.

GIGABYTE and AORUS Product Warranty Information

User Support
- Check warranty status by SN
- Request warranty service online
- Request and check RMA status

Business Support
- Check warranty status by SN
- Request and check RMA status

Warranty Terms
3 years

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You'd have to contact sales for this type of information.  No one here can provide anything more definitive.

Yea and they are this useful:

Question - when is plus version that fixes the PCI-E slot being released in the UK?


'Z690I AORUS Ultra Plus DDR4 is a mini-ITX motherboard.

Can you please provide the Z690 ITX motherboard model name that having PCIE4.0 card crashing issue for our checking?'

I've just bought the Asrock instead, f*** these clowns that can't even answer a simple question, and aren't even aware of their own product recall.
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