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Is this Gigabyte AB350 bricked?


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Is this Gigabyte AB350 bricked?
« on: July 04, 2022, 06:18:21 pm »
So yesterday my friend brought his son's PC up as he had bought a 5600x and a Gigabyte 1660 Ti, but the PC wouldn't boot. So in order to update the BIOS to one which was usable with the 5600x we had to first reinstall the Ryzen 5 1400. It still wouldn't boot, with a no HDMI 2 signal, so after removing the battery I was able to get into in the BIOS. then I installed windows from a USB. I then proceeded to upgrade the BIOS as per

The BIOS on the board was F8, so I went to F25>F30>F31 and did the chipset drivers and EC FW Update as per instructions, but when I went to upgrade to F40 is said invalid BIOS file. I then noticed that the BIOS was on F6 which is the first one which it had somehow reverted to during the reboot. I went through it again and was able to flash it to T52d which apparently is good for the 5600x which I was going to fit the following day. I was able to boot into windows and then I left it until this morning.

This morning I noticed that the front panel USB 3 connectors weren't plugged into the mobo, and a couple of the front panel connectors were incorrectly wired, so to make it easier I removed the GFX card as my hands are quite large. Since reinserting the GFX card I'm now unable to boot. There is a no signal HDMI 1 this time. I have unplugged and replugged all the cables, the memory etc. I have tried the Gigabyte GFX card n my own PC, and it's fine and the monitor works fine. I'm tearing my hair out now., Any ideas, or is the mobo bricked?