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G5 MD possibly the worst Laptop ever.

G5 MD possibly the worst Laptop ever.
« on: January 06, 2022, 06:42:52 pm »
I have had this laptop around a month now and have had nothing but problems with it from updating the bios to allow for Windows 11 installation, detection of a new Samsung 980 pro M.2 SSD, to my current problems.

I decided to take the Samsung 980 pro out and place it in my main PC which would give it a far greater speed than it had.   This left me with a laptop still asking me if I wanted Windows 11, which I no longer had or Windows 10.   If I was not quick enough it would try to load Windows 11 then give me the blue screen options of what to do next, pressing F9 (try another operating system) usually did the trick on till it did not.

I have no idea why but eventually Windows would not load at all.   I tried all the options of repair, update rollback updates and even tried to re install a new copy of Windows which has led to my current problem.   When I tried to perform a fresh install of Windows, 10 or 11, when I got top the select a drive part of the installation I was met with a bare screen, you have no drives.   I have tried a repair boot disk, no drive, taken it out, put it in my main pc which recognises it, let me reformat and partition it, put it back in the laptop, NO DRIVES.

I am now going through the painstaking process of installing all the drivers from the official Gigabyte  G5 MD page to see if anything works but as of yet nothing, all I get every time is there are NO DRIVES in this pc.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated?   Love Gigabyte pc products but your laptops suck.


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Re: G5 MD possibly the worst Laptop ever.
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2022, 05:18:46 am »
several months late in commenting on this but check out the reviews from about the Gigabyte G5 GD laptop (pretty similar to G5 MD):

3 of the reviews there seem to share your frustration with the G5 laptops as they're not good laptops to buy (loud spinning fan issues, crappy laptop speakers, overheating issues & those dreaded windows blue screen errors)
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