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New motherboard needed - question about the B650 series / Coil whining


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Hi All,

Finally it's time to upgrade my PC. After eleven years, the motherboard finally is unresponsive, my CPU (1090T-Phenom II) is still working though. 
I was planning to build a new HTPC on the new AM5 platform.  I already know all the parts I need (CPU / Memory / Cooler), but I'm missing a motherboard.  Since my last MB lastest quite long, and it was a Gigabyte, I'm targetting this brand again.

What I want:
- 2 M.2 slots (at least)
- 1 PCI 4.0 slot
- Onboard Wifi / Bluetooth not needed since it will be connected 100% of the time via LAN
- B650 platform (a bit better than A620, but no need for X670)
- Price max 200 EUR, so the AORUS series is out of question
- Micro ATX

I'm aware that onboard Wifi /BT is vastly incorporated on most m-ATX mobo's nowadays,  but I definitely do not use it.
Anyway, considering that it's going to be for a HTPC, it needs some good thermal solution, and I think that these 2 mobo's are the closest candiates :

1. B650M DS3H
2. B650M GAMING X AX  - Yes, comes with wifi.

I've been reading through many reviews. Official reviews / Amazon / Reddit / etc
It seems that many people have one issue in common on the B650 series - which is coil whining from the motherboard. This is not happening only to Gigabyte boards, it appears that also other brands suffer from this.

Question :
1. Is this something that can be solved through BIOS upgrade ?
2. When does this tick in ?   
3. Is it just a matter of luck to not get a coil whining board ?
4. Can it be solved ?

This obviously is quite a bummer. Having coil whine on a PC in the living room is not very desirable....not to speak about the time spent in fiddling around and preparing everything, to find out later about a disturbing sound, when everything is in place...

Last but not least, not related to coil whine,  I've seen that the 1090T can still be purchased through Amazon for around 110 EUR.  Does it make any sense to try sell a CPU/DDR3 combo through Ebay or similar websites ?

Any input from you guys is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Re: New motherboard needed - question about the B650 series / Coil whining
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2023, 05:34:21 pm »
Late reply.  Did you ever find a solution to this?

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