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Need help with overclock on GA-EX58-UD4 with i7 920 please!

Hi im new to the forum so first id like to say hello.......Hi! Ok now i need help please with the settings for the bios on the GA-EX58-UD4. Im looking to get around 3.8GHz from the i7 920 which should be simple i have a cool-it domino cooler which is just amazing but im getting high temps and even the odd BSOD....which is not good. Im using OCZ 1333MHz RAM and ive droped the RAM speeds so not to worry about that being the problem. I have changed the voltages of the CPU and each time the CPU sits at around 39-43 degrees which is high to say the pc isnt doing anything. Please could someone provide a guide for me please. I did try the GA-EX58 Extreme Guide (PDF) but that was a big failure.

Many thanks


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Re: Need help with overclock on GA-EX58-UD4 with i7 920 please!
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2009, 02:19:15 pm »
40C idle on air isn't that hot. Load temps are the important ones though.

Run prime95 first on blend to make sure all is stable at stock, and keep temperatures under 80C load.
Then, from the BIOS keep raising the base clock up to 5Mhz each time on the 19x multiplier, and test for stability at each one. I would start at 150Mhz with 1.3Vcore, 1.3QPI voltage and leave memory at roughly default speed, timings and voltage.
If it fails to be stable, raise the vcore up to 1.4V (should be enough for 4Ghz). Is this a D0 or C0 stepping? You can check in CPU-z, which is free to download.
I would use up to 1.4QPI volts.

If you need more help, try, there are many with i7's there and can help alot more than me :P
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