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GA-X58A-UD7 (Rev 2.0) overclocking bios with guide & voltage measurement points


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This is announcement of special bios which will be used for worldwide GOOC competition next Saturday in Taiwan.

1. This bios for X58A-UD7 (2.0) is based on X58A-UD9 bios from 20/8/2010 and X58A-UD7 FB6 bios with a few additions
2. GOOC Lean Mode: disables various options on the fly including smart fan, power states and turbo, LOGO screen, enables USB keyboard/mouse and disables various third party IC functions which are not necessary for extreme OC
3. VCORE RANGE: from 1.0V up to 2.1Vcore (I wonder if there will actually be CPUs that scale with volts up to 2.1)
4. GOOC EXTREME CLOCK: This option removes OCP when enabled
5. GOOC EXTREME TEMP: This options may improve cold bugs when enabled depending on CPU.

BIOS NAME: GOOC 2010 WWF - download link

More info:
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