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Difference between GA-MA770-UD3/US3

Difference between GA-MA770-UD3/US3
« on: June 25, 2009, 05:14:50 am »

I've just recently registred on the forum.

I'm planning to upgrade my current PC (GA-7N400 Pro2 rev. 2.0, yes I know, old!!) and was wondering what the difference is
between the GA-MA770-UD3 and GA-MA770-US3 (both rev. 2.0), the difference being the "D" and the "S".

GA-MA770-UD3 (rev. 2.0):
GA-MA770-US3 (rev. 2.0):

Both pages say the same description, but there must be some differences somewhere - probably not significant but i'm curious :o ???
I downloaded the combined UD3/US3 PDF manual but could not find any "smiley face notes" regarding differences.

When eBuyer gets the rev. 2.0 version (with AMD SB710) in stock, i'm going to place an order for MB, CPU, RAM, GFX.

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My PC:
GA-MA770-UD3 rev 2.0
AMD Phenom 2 X2 550 Black Edition Core Unlocked and OC'd to 3.7Ghz
Scythe Mugen 2 Heatsink
Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon HD4850
Samsung SyncMaster 245B LCD monitor
Corsair VX 550W PSU
Windows XP SP3


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Re: Difference between GA-MA770-UD3/US3
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2009, 12:33:18 pm »

The difference is that UD3 has solid capacitors everywhere, while US3 only in CPU VRM (Voltage Regulator Module), that is just near CPU socket. So UD3 is better as having 100% solid caps.

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