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AMD 770 chipset based Gigabyte motherboards enable 4th core in 3-core AMD CPUs


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It's about GA-MA770T-UD3P, GA-MA770-UD3, GA-MA770-US3.

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Yeah seen this before, the idea is good. However the one of the main reasons why AMD make the tri core is because one of the native cores fails testing. Instead of throwing it out they make it a tri core. Been alot of talk about unstable systems after enabling the 4th core.
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The earlier batches were normal quad cores just with one turned off, not necessarily one faulty core but to keep up with demand at launch they just used quads, as they still made money from them. So not all are faulty, I know someone who has an 2 core phenom II and managed to unlock all 4 and has a stable overclock of 3.6Ghz.
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