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unbootable gigabyte gtx460 video card on msi790FX mobo - help

unbootable gigabyte gtx460 video card on msi790FX mobo - help
« on: November 11, 2010, 04:43:15 pm »
I upgraded my computer wit a MSI 790FX mobo and installed windows7, 64bits.
I kept the 2 IDE harddisks, the 2 SATA harddsiks, the 2 SATA optic drives, an USB extension card, a TV card.
Power supply of 400W.

With my old graphic card, a nvidia geforce GT240, everything ran smoothly.
I installed the Gigabyte GTX460.768mB, and the computer did not want to boot.
The videocard even kept completely silent: no fans running whatsoever.

So I switched the new card to another computer (a medion)
The same happened with the medion motherboard.
After presenting for RMA, tghe card was examined by Gigabyte and proofed to be completely OK.

Help !

1. Is it possible that my 400W powersupply is not enough to get the video card even started ?  It seems reasonable that the card would not function smoothly with not enough power, but one would expect that it should give at least a sign of life ?
2. Is it possible that the mobo BIOS does not regognise the card as a graphical device, and refuses to assign it power ?  Seems silly, because I flashed the mobo  BIOS to the most recent BIOS I could find.
3. Is it possible that the videocard was delivered with an out of date GPU, so that the card is not compatible yet with the bios ?  Should an upgrade of the GPU then work ?

There must have been other people having had the same problem.
Help ! 


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Re: unbootable gigabyte gtx460 video card on msi790FX mobo - help
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2010, 04:52:56 pm »
Hi and welcome to the Gigabyte Forum.

Your main problem is your old 400W PSU. It is nowhere near powerful enough even when it was new and now it is older and degraded there is no chance. You really need at least a 600W single 12V rail pSU.

Also make sure that you have attached the extra power cables to the graphics card.

Make sure that you address these issues and I am sure it will be alright.

You may find that trying to run IDE and SATA on the one board will give you headaches also.
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