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i7 overclocking and temps X58-UD5


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i7 overclocking and temps X58-UD5
« on: November 18, 2010, 11:44:05 pm »
Been running stable overclock on my i7 920 3.36 for about a year and I wanna try pushing this board to its maximum. Thing is even with my dual fan T.R.U.E. black and antec 1200 (1200 stands for the number of fans it has)  I am hitting 67-68 degrees after about an hour of prime... Is that normal with an i7 920 and TRUE and do you think I can still push my oc? ( I set the cpu voltage manualy to 1.2 cause I know the UD5 overvolts it by default)
Also do ya think my psu is enough? It also has to drive 9x120mm and a 200mm fan pluz each one has a gazilion LED lights

My girlfriend:
GA-X58-UD5 v1.0
i7 920 2.6 @3.36
3x2gb ocz gold XTC 1600
ATI HD5870
intel x25-m ;D
3x250 gb seagate Raid 0
2 TB WD Cavaliar Green
Asus Xonar D2X soundcard
crappy tv card
crappy dvd writer
Hiper Type-M 800w PSU ( its actually 880 watts with peak at 1040 and quad rail at 30 amps)