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GA-MA790X-UD4P not setting vdimm properly in manual with OCZ Lowvolt Blades


I live in the U.S. and came across these forums while searching for an answer to my problem in google.  I have the above listed motherboard and am using a Phenom II 720.  My question, why exactly would the board set memory to 2.05v when ddr2 voltage is set to manual but when It is increased to +.1, voltage is set to 1.95.  I understand that a small amount of overvoltage (.05v) is within spec, but this is grossly overvolting at manual or auto setting.  I want to know because this memory is becoming very popular (1066-1200mhz ocz low voltage blade ddr2) in the U.S. and works fine, does'nt error out in memtest, just is severely overvolted.  Is this fixable with a bios revision???? 

I have returned the memory to the online retailer but am pondering on ordering another set but want to know if this is something that is fixable or is it something out of the physical limitation of my motherboard.  The packaging and manual clearly state ddr2 voltage is adjustable with minimal values at 1.8v.  It seems that this is going to be the next trend in memory as g.skill is releasing a low voltage memory also and it would be a shame is gigabyte were be behind the times and non compatible with this product.


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try with the newer bios, maybe there are some fixes for it.
you can also try to use other vendor RAM just for checking, maybe it's problem with incorrect reporting of hardware monitoring of your mobo.
i assume you checked this voltage under BIOS setup.

have you contacted OCZ about what is max voltage?

p.s. if it works fine i wouldn't say it's not compatible ;)
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