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GTX 460 likes to colour DOS yellow!

GTX 460 likes to colour DOS yellow!
« on: December 09, 2010, 03:37:52 am » I've got a new GTX 460 and what do you know, DOS graphics (that is, NTVDM) all have this terrible tint to them. There's no white anywhere. But, on the same card, monitor, system, I get the correct colour with emulation. Unfortunately I have no other PCIE cards to test with (this computer is new). Monitor is analog (DVI to dsub), but everything else seems to look right.

I also popped into safe mode, hoping this was some driver fluke, but nay, the colours are wrong, driver or not. So...what are my options here? Is my card bad, or have I somehow just done everything wrong without noticing?

New XP installation
Gigabyte GTX 460
Corsair "XPS3," 4GB

Just so you can tell what the hell I am going on about, here it is:

This is a correctly coloured bitmap:

One with the new computer: