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Are my cooling fans placed in the best position and pointing the right direction


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i have an MSI460 GTX HAWK.

Its not too loud at max fan speed, however at the fan speed it likes to use for game cut sceans it whines, but then stops after its done the cut scene..
with my O'C on my MB this card runs slower, unstable, and hot  if i use the program to overclock it, But if i don't use the program its epic, i can play crysis, and darkfall in max settings without lagging at all. (highest resolutions) even in huge firefights.


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  • Future is Overclocking and is free
Using H70 to blow in sure cools the CPU a few degrees;what about the dust it pulls along. ::)
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Seagate 320 GB HDD AHCI mode
H70 push pull coolar
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M59 NZXT case