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EP45-UD3L & SATA Hot-Swapping: Trying To Fool Mother Nature?

EP45-UD3L & SATA Hot-Swapping: Trying To Fool Mother Nature?
« on: January 26, 2011, 06:22:18 pm »
XP install to EP45-UD3L.

Disabled AHCI.

Fired up the XP installer DVD.

Did the F6 thing with a floppy containing the following files:
Code: [Select]

"You have chosen..." called it "RAID/AHCI Driver for GIGABYTE GBB36X Controller (x32)"

Finished the install, re-booted and set BIOS' AHCI = Enabled before the boot.

XP just barely starts, then a momentary blue screen and re-boot.

Had to disable AHCI to get XP to load and, of course, my front-loading SATA bay doesn't support hot swapping.

Some months ago, I started a thread about doing it retroactively - after XP installed.

The advice there was beyond my current pay grade.

But now that I have to do a rebuild anyhow, I thought maybe there was an easy way to enable AHCI.

Am I trying to fool Mother Nature on this one?    Wrong driver files?   Should I just suck it up and put a SATA card in there?

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