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So just how is the T1005M? (owners only!)

So just how is the T1005M? (owners only!)
« on: February 18, 2011, 06:49:48 am »
Hey guys,
I've given my acer aspire one a bit of a boost lately with a broadcom HD accelerator and an extra 512 meg of ram but the single core can't quite keep up  with my aspirations for it.

This tablet netbook seems to be right up my alley with 2gb of ram and a dual core 1.5ghz. The price is reasonable - how does it perform with windows 7? Is the current HDD suited for picking up the tablet and walking around with it? I'm not too worried about battery life as it will be plugged in all the time.

What is the difference with an SSD installed? given the cost of an SSD drive I'd like to avoid adding one if possible, but if the unit doesn't have any protection for the HD for when I'm walking around with it I may have to get one...

It seems to be a good balance between performance and price. How is the experience from the people who have owned it for a while? I'm concerned with details on the touchscreen quality, performance, etc.

Re: So just how is the T1005M? (owners only!)
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2011, 05:57:19 pm »

I was an idiot and bought one, due to lies told to me on these forums, was claimed 8 hours battery life, nothing but lies. You would get maybe 4 hours if you lucky 2 to 3 at worst.

Also the sound is God awfull, why I don't know why, I have a 4 year old EEpc 1000H that craps all over this sound wise, why do they allways forget about the sound ???? Useing my 1000h now just because of the sound, it's un usable with that horrible sound.

the rest is great, but the battery life and sound destroys it totaly, complete waste of money.

I have not seen any reviews online at all, I must have been the stupid few who bought one.,