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MCH-FSB-PCI-E ddr2 voltage Control


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MCH-FSB-PCI-E ddr2 voltage Control
« on: February 19, 2011, 06:39:46 pm »
Hey guys.i have been researching everything about o/c

Here is my system
gigabyte 965p ds3
1 gb800 mhz veritech * 4
750 watt psu

i have succed on reaching 3.6 ghz

Cpu Host frequency 400
Memory multiplier 9x
vcore 1.8 volt (is it high?)
...temprature on normal mode 44-48 C
on working 60-66 C
system is stable on this conditions
but i have some questions
this man have 4.8 ghz on 1.7 vcore volt
with spd 1
My problem is that on my bios there is no 1 for select,minumum is 2
also there is no 1.7 on vcore.After 1.6 vcore there is 1.8 volt for vcore

are there unlock this numbers or it s cuz he have different model of gigabyte?

here is my bios picture;

(in this picture im on 3.24ghz)
i want to get my vcore voltage low

when should i use MCH-FSB-PCI-E ddr2 ?

i want more o/c .I want your help.
last questions
-1.8 vcore is high?