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RMA Question about video card fan.

RMA Question about video card fan.
« on: February 25, 2011, 08:06:47 pm »
So I have a gt 240 that I got a little while back. It performs great but the fan is insanely loud. Err... it's not so much the volume as it is the pitch. I can hear it above all of my other components (I have a ton of high rpm fans, but their noise is nothing compared to this).

Now, I've been reading a bunch of user reviews for this card and for the most part they think that the noise is fine. A lot of them say it's quiet.

So I'm wondering if my fan is just bad. Which leads to the question of whether I can get a replacement fan without having to send my card in. It's an easy replacement. 3 screws and unplug it from the 3 pin connector and I'm done removing it.

Is it possible to get a new fan sent to me so I can replace it myself?

By the way, I flashed the bios to the latest one provided by gigabyte, which did lower the minimum RPM requirement from 50% to 29%, but I'm not sure if that actually did anything. I couldn't hear any noise difference between 50% and 29%. In fact, I wonder if the card is even capable of lowering the fan voltage to get it to run below 50%.

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Re: RMA Question about video card fan.
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2011, 08:14:40 pm »
Hi and welcome to the Gigabyte Forum.

As you are in the USA I am afraid we can't help you from here and you would have to contact Gigabyte USA for any warranty help.
If you have any trouble getting in contact try:

Just enter your email address and click on the language of choice.
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