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any response / solution from gigabyte to the 6850 no signal crash problem?

i am one more "lucky" with and faulty 6850, i´ve been reading the other post with the possibles solutions, i did all those things and didnt work.

I tested:

updating bios moterboard / graphic card
3 different Drivers versions
no voltage problem
no voltage problem (tested with a cooler master 750 W, ocz 600 W, corsair 650 W)
downgrade the memory clock to 900

nothing worked

 Is there any "official" solution from gigabyte to this problem?? or not yet?, should i RMA my card?

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Hi and welcome to the Gigabyte Forum.

As you have tried all the usual procedures and none have helped then I think you have little option but to RMA your card back to the retailer. :-\
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