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EX58-UD4P Hard Disk Accessing Problems

EX58-UD4P Hard Disk Accessing Problems
« on: August 24, 2009, 04:10:19 pm »
Hi, We have installed a EX58-UD4P and and 940 i7 cpu in a new build machines with DDR3 Memory (6GB), 2 x 500Gb Western Digital HDD's configed as a raid 0 (stripe) using Vista64.

Every now and again the machine does some weird things.

1, sometimes restarts when booting through the bios startup, does this about 4 times then boots, this is very intermittant.
2, the biggest problem is that every now and again when in Windows the hard disk light comes on permanently red and the the machine freezes for a short period of time, it then clears and the machine carries on. We have replaced the hard disks, memory and the CPU but this makes no difference. We have the latest drivers.

I think its a faulty mainboard?

Anybody had the same problems or is it just us? Heeeeelp!?
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