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Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 30 Reservoir Review with lighting

Dark Mantis

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Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 30 Reservoir Review

by Dark Mantis

This reservoir includes the tubular unit with six black nickel blanks, two end caps, and two mounting brackets and comes in the usual

Alphcool box and well packaged against damage in transit.

The Alphacool Cape Fuzion Core 30 Reservoir is the big brother of the Alphacool reservoir I reviewed recently the Fusion Core 10. As

the name suggests this is in all intents and purposes the same but just bigger. The diameter is the same but overall is much longer

at 340mm not including the pipe connections. The capacity of the inner core is 100ml whereas the outer core holds 330ml. The smaller

version is only 140mm in total. It has a diameter of 60mm, with capacities of 30ml and 110ml respectively. Once mounted if using the

supplied brackets it will stand off the surface 110mm.

The basic features are the same with 5 1/4" BSPP threaded ports at each end so the flexibility of coupling up to the pipework is

amazing. It is also possible to use each reservoir as a dual encosure with both an inner and outer chamber. If that is not required

then the centre chamber can be utilised as a light recepticle and a 300mm CCFL can be inserted. It is made out of Delrin and

Plexiglas so should be very durable. The quality of the workmanship is extremely good.

There are four 5mm holes drilled on the base to take 5mm LEDs to add even more attraction to it. These LEDs are shone upwards into

the water chamber with the aid of 50mm clear plexiglas rods. Even the mounting brakets can hold two more LEDs each so there are

plenty of lighting options. The one real downside that is common to both is that if you decide to use a CCFL the top of the reservoir

has to be removed to enable insertion or changing of the lighting tube.

One downside to the smaller reservoir was that at high pressure the coolant tended to vortex and create bubbles and is the same on

most smaller units. However this is one thing that doesn't happen with the bigger one. Because it has more mass of water and

generally more room to dissipate the power of the flow slows and lets any bubbles carried by the water disperse at the top. The

smaller Core 10 works fine on lower speed loops.

I have installed these two reservoirs together side by side to give a better idea of their size and lighting possibilities. The Core

10 has a central UV CCFL installed along with four UV LEDs. The Core 30 has a range of coloured options dependent on lights and


I can see very little to find fault with in this reservoir and plenty of plus points so I award it 9/10

Supplier: Alphcool  Price: 39.95€

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