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Onboard sound not detected

Onboard sound not detected
« on: September 06, 2009, 12:14:15 pm »

I have a 8S648FXP-RZ motherboard and a few days ago after moving my computer from the kitchen to another room my sound suddenly stopped working.

When I try to open volume control I get the 'no sound mixer installed' error.

Ive looked up and down for a solution but can't seem to find any help.

The sound would work spontaneously on rare occasions after a reboot but it hasn't been working for a while now and It's getting me quiet frustrated, I thought I'd try for a solution on these forums before opting to purchase a separate sound card.

I've already:
- Checked that the AC97 sound is enabled in the BIOS
- Tried reconfiguring the jumpers on the MoBo
- Re-Installed the latest Gigabyte drivers numerous times

What's confusing me is that I can't even see the onboard sound in Device Manager at all, It's as if its disabled somewhere but I'm out of ideas ..

Thanks in advance