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Alphacool HF 10/13 Tubing Review

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Alphacool HF 10/13 Tubing Review
« on: July 12, 2011, 06:41:43 pm »
Alphcool HF 10/13 Tubing Review

by Dark Mantis

I have been asked to review this range of tubing from Alphacool named HF 13/10.

This pipe is all made in the USA out of top grade PVC. This helps guarantee an excellent quality will be sustained.

The range consists of seven different colours of 10 mm ID and 13 mm OD. This is the ideal size from my point of view on modern

machines unless you are planning extremely tight bends in which case a tubing with a thicker wall would be better.

All the basic colours retail for 2.95€ per metre and the clear tubing for 4.95€ per metre. So this is all very much budget end of the

market. The six colours and the clear are all no frills attached and don't change colour when under ultra-violet light. The basic colours of

the tubing are almost opaque and quite bright though and look good in their own right. This does negate the need to use a colourant

in the fluid with all the negative aspects that brings with it.

If you require more "bling" then there is the similar range of tubing made

by Mastercleer that Alaphcool also stocks. This is in the same sizes but the colours vary a little from the standard range. Alphacool's

tubing has a good deep colouration and is almost opaque whereas the Mastercleer's version is semi-transparent. It also is UV reactive

making it stand out more if you have the appropriate lights.

The bend radius as with most thin walled tubing is not great before collapse occurs. The minimum diameter achieved was approximately 90 mm ID.

Any tighter than that and flattening started to occur. The tube is extremely flexible and pliable even at room temperature.

This comes in at a slightly higher pricepoint as you would expect and is 3.99€ per metre this makes it roughly 1.00€ more expensive

than Alphacool's own tubing. Again it is very pliable and easy to bend and fit onto barbs or other end fittings. The same minimum

bend radius is applicable.

This Alphacool tubing is a very good budget starter quality and although can't match up to the likes of Tygon 3603 there is also a

significant difference in cost. It also saves on having to add the price of special coloured liquids to your budget. I award it


Supplier: AlphaCool International
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