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GA-P35-DS3R bios version


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GA-P35-DS3R bios version
« on: September 14, 2009, 02:52:46 am »
Over a year ago I warranty returned my then brand new GA-P35-DS3R (rev 2.1) motherboard because of a memory controller issue. Motherboard was returned repaired (same serial number), but with a strange bios revision of FA. This is preventing updating to newer bios.
 Using the latest @bios error is "Bios partnumber(Award)is not correct".
@BIOS tells me flash memory type is MXIC 25L8005, bios sign on message is P35-DS3R FA.
Trying to update from Qflash or MS-Dos boot disk also fails due to bios version mismatch.
Is there any way of fixing this or will I have ditch the motherboard and replace it?
Reason for trying to update is I would like to upgrade from my current E8400 Core2 Duo to a Core 2 Quad Q9650 or Q9550, and I would rather not purchase the CPU to find the FA bios does not support it.