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GTX 560 fan speed


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GTX 560 fan speed
« on: June 18, 2011, 04:52:05 am »
I am a recent convert to NVIDIA cards after many years in the "other" camp.
I just installed a GTX560 and am basically happy.  I also installed the Easyboost software. NOT to overclock, but to hopeully reduce the fan speed to to a lower speed.  It came set at 44% and I was able to lower to 40% but no more.

I have done many searches and web-wide the solution to go under 40% seems to be a custom bios from a third party.

I also looked into NVIDIA software utilities and those do not appear to be updated to support the GTX560 yet.  In fact, I do not even have the "performance" tab on my driver because of that.  The system tools do not support this card yet.

But I am wondering if there is any solution for gigabyte that would allow me to lower the fan speed to say 30% when at rest and without load.
It is pretty quiet, but I think taking it down to 30% would help even more.  I understand there are some other utilities from other video card manufacturers that appear to be similar to easyboost but it seems like a solution from the card manufacturer makes the most sense.

Someone also posted that their card seemed to have shipped with a 30% speed which might imply an updated bios vs. the one mine shipped at.

Thanks in advance for any help.