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GTX 560ti OC Overclocking

GTX 560ti OC Overclocking
« on: July 02, 2011, 07:12:22 pm »
Tryed to make my gigabyte GTX560ti OC a SOC.

I used these specs:
950 core
1900 Shaders
4580 Memory
1.075 Voltage also 1.050 voltage works

Idles at 30 and goes to 75 under full load

The oc seems pretty stable i played BFBC2 on High on 1680x1050 for 2 hours temps never got above 60 and i had no errors or crashes, also played crysis 2 on extreme on 1680x1050 for a while and no crashes.
However after 17 minutes of furmark the test ended, does this mean the OC is unstable the temps are fine. I was on 1.050 voltage when this happened, i havnt tested the 1.075 on furmark just gamed on it, it seems fine
Also i want to get to a 1000 core but even if i raise the voltage to 1.100 i get furmark crashes after around 1-2 minutes any ideas how i can get there.
Do you think that this OC i have now could be a 24/7 overclock and also im not sure if overclocking this card voids the warranty? I cant find anything about the terms of the warranty on this card, it also says that this card is overclockable 30% on the GIGABYTE website so..?

AMD Phenom ll 1090t @ 3.2
OCZ 500w PSU
Xigmatek ASGARD 1xfront 2xside 1xRear
8GB DDR3 1333MHz OCZ Low volt RAM
GTX 560ti 950/1900/4580