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Phobya G-Silent 12 1500 Blue LED Fan Review

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Phobya G-Silent 12 1500 Blue LED Fan Review
« on: September 01, 2011, 09:08:07 pm »
Phobya G-Silent 12 1500 rpm blue LED Review

by Dark Mantis

The Phobya G-Silent 12 1500 rpm blue LED fan is Phobya's latest offering in the 120mm size group. It follows the usual packaging with their well known blue and red "Fear it" boxing. This has a partial plastic screen to see the contents without opening the package. On the rear it has the specifications and general blurb in three languages, English, German and French.

On opening the carton I found there was the fan and a bag of fixing screws. The maximum speed from this fan is 1500 rpm . The power is supplied to the fan via a standard three pin molex connection. This can be attached to a motherboard fan header or a connection on a dedicated fan controller.

The fan blades (hub) and the surrounding frame are all made from polycarbonate so it is very strong and light. The hub is transparent as is the frame which makes it look very glitsy. Attention to detail is always important and here again Phobya has not been caught out, as all the internal and external wiring has been made from clear sheathed cable. It also incorporates four blue LEDs.

Once again Phobya has decided to use the nano-technology for the bearing that they have named "Nanoflux". This is an advanced use of electro-magnetism to maintain the shaft centrally in the bearing. They have even evolved the design here. Normally the shaft would sit onto a ball bearing at the end of the retainer but it was always possible for this to come out with the fan when dismantled for cleaning. This is now all incorporated into the shaft itself as a single item so no longer any problem with that occuring. It also means that it is quiet and there is no oil to worry about leaking. All the electronics are waterproofed as well just for further safety.

This fan will very quietly (25 dB/A) keep your system cool by pushing a massive 58 cfm of air through it. That is very efficient at only 1500 rpm. It will run on anything between 5 and 12 volts and uses only 0.2 Amps so it is not a heavy user.

I do like this fan, the main transparent cable has been braided in a nice white sheath and there is little to find fault with and

I award it 9/10


Supplier: C and C Central       Price: £6.98

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