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Plastic Tubing Cutter 3 - 14mm Review

Dark Mantis

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Plastic Tubing Cutter 3 - 14mm Review
« on: September 12, 2011, 12:43:19 pm »
Plastic Tubing Cutter 3mm-14mm

by Dark Mantis

This is a German made  alluminium hose or plastic tubing cutter. This particular one will fit 3 - 14mm outside diameter tubing. There is also a larger version available that will cut from 3 - 19mm if you use a larger size of hosing more often. It uses a V-shaped blade that is extremely sharp to do the actual cutting and holds the tubing at 90 degrees to the blade by virtue of the shape of the anvil surface. This fascilitates a clean right angled cut every time. Little or no effort is required to complete the action. It is also very easy to cut to an accurate measurement and is very useful when it comes to making fine adjustments to the length of a bit of pipe. The blade is a proprietory design and as such has to be purchased specially from the same supplier as the tool when replacement is necessary.

It seems to work extremely well and does exactly what it is made for. The only downside is that the blades are not standard like utility knife blades and readilly available.

I would award it 8/10.

Supplier : C and C Central  Price : £7.49

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