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Logitech G510 Keyboard


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Logitech G510 Keyboard
« on: October 08, 2011, 03:19:10 pm »

Logitech G series gaming equipment which leads to the desired location - success.

Millimeter. Milliseconds. Control settings of your choice right where you need it.The smallest details can make all the difference. Never an ordinary device, Logitech G-series is designed to work effectively, to adapt to your needs, that feels real.

G series is dedicated to suit your needs. Dedicated to the extreme performance. Dedicated to the functions with which you have never met. It is dedicated to understanding exactly what you need and what you want because we just do not listen to what gaming community wants - we are part of the gaming community.

These are the words that you read when you visit the Logitech website. Judging by the G510 Logitech keyboard, they're right.

Logitech G510 is a work of art in the field of keyboards. Everything is subordinated to the player. Easy installation, customization and connectivity. All features are available in a very short period of time. All a player has to do is to use this keyboard for the purpose of total domination!

The keyboard comes in a distinctive package so that we know immediately that this is a product of Logitech's G series. Inside the box, next to the keyboard is the installation CD and documentation as well as support for the palm.

Connecting to computer is via USB port.

The quality of the keyboard is at a high level. The buttons are precise enough, tough, and comfortable and not lacking any sense of professionalism. The dimensions are approximately 51x21x2 cm and weight about 1kg.

You will be amazed when you see what this keyboard offers!

LCD display that presents the options that you can insert at will. You can monitor hardware temperatures in real time regardless of whether you're in the game or not. You can monitor the framerate in games or something else entirely.

Setting the backlight to your liking. Any color is available.

Integrated USB audio connection for headphones and microphone.

18 programmable G keys.

High-speed USB connection. Access time of just 2 ms put this keyboard in front of others.

Multi-key entry to identify up to 5 simultaneous key presses.

Game / Desktop mode. The keypad is locked during the game.

So to get acquainted with all these functions ...

All these functions would not be possible without great Logitech gaming software.The current version for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows, you can find on the Logitech website.

With the help of this software its possible to set all the desired features on this keyboard, the settings of G keys, the screen and backlight. Logitech has really done the right thing when it comes to support for this keyboard because there is not one segment that is not done to perfection.

LCD screen is monochrome and the resolution is 160 * 43 pixels. This is enough to run almost all the features that a player could need. Even less demanding users can benefit from the screen. There are many types of software that recognizes the keyboard, which functionality can be displayed across the screen. I, for example, prefer to monitor temperature in real time, and I find this to bevery useful feature. I get information about the behavior of the hardware during gameplay and it helps me to make sure that the hardware components are not overheating during hot days.

As you can see, in addition to temperature there can be inserted and many other options, such as utilization of the processor and graphics card and displaying the time and date.

What is shown on the screen is determined by Logitech gaming software.

When choosing a keyboard, backlight plays a major role, at least for today's terms. G510 has everything you need. Although one would perhaps wish to choose the backlight separately for different segments of the keyboard (like Cyborg V7), G510 provides more than enough choice for your needs.

Choice of backlighting is done with Logitech gaming software. The keyboard has three buttons with which you can predefine your favorite backlights. This way you can quickly and easily change the backlight according to the will and needs.

18 G keys and macro mode button combinations produce 54 (3 profiles with 18 keys each) which is more than enough for anyone's needs.

Logitech gaming software includes preset profiles for many games, so if you have installed the game, chances are that the game will be recognized. However, adjusting for personal use is always an option.

You can predefine a function, entire sentences or call programs.

Right from the macro button is the key to lock the keypad during game play. The next thing we see are the keys to use headphones and / or microphone. Headset connects via 3.5 mm jack.

If you connect the headset, the software automatically recognize a headset and everything works fine.

Buttons for volume control are on the right side, neatly arranged, providing a sufficient level of control.

There is a button that turns off the backlight.

Logitech G510 is one of the best keyboards I've tried. There's just not much that should be added. In each game, the keyboard proved to be impeccable - fast response and precision keys leave no room for error.

I have a few complaints, such as small Shift key, the design is limited to the western market and the high price of the keyboard (above 100 euros) on the local market.

On the other hand, if these deficiencies do not pose a great obstacle, we get a very good product.

If you are looking for a keyboard with a number of functions but have no problem to pay more, Logitech G510 is the right choice for you.

Review by Grozdan Dostanic

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Re: Logitech G510 Keyboard
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2011, 03:33:09 pm »
Thanks for a nice, interesting review Grozdan. I have always like this keyboard myself the only thing that tends to put me off  is the fact that you have to have a cable and I prefer wireless versions.
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Re: Logitech G510 Keyboard
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2011, 03:42:34 pm »

This keyboard is really good. It is one of the most expensive keyboards out there but I think it's worth it (if you need something that will make you enjoy it). I always preferred Logitech keyboards and mice in the same way I prefer GBT graphic cards and motherboards.

As for wireless, I always liked those with cables! But my brother thinks the same way as you do :)

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