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Phobya Cable Braid Kits mini Review

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Phobya Cable Braid Kits mini Review
« on: November 27, 2011, 08:09:59 pm »
Phobya Cable Braid Kits Review


Dark Mantis

This time I am reviewing Phobya's range of cable braid and heatshrink kits that come in a two metre long section of braid and a thirty cemtimetre length of heatshrink to match colour and diameter. The packs I have been given to look at are the Black and the UV Blue Ranges. Each consists of four packages of different diameter kits. So in total I have eight seperate packets ranging from 3mm, 6mm, 10mm and 13mm diameters.  

Looking at the Black kits first the braid seems to be the same good quality as I am used to with Phobya's braid so obviously it is from the same source. It is a good heavyweight feeling braid that has a good tight weave when in it's relaxed state.  The largest size I have is 0.5" or 13mm diameter depending on your age range! The braid is that size in it's relaxed or normal state but it can be expanded by about 3:1 so it would be possible to go over a larger part of the cable or whatever you are covering  of about 1.5" or 30mm.

The black heatshrink was a different matter and I was very unimpressed by it's performance. I must say that I have used plenty of heatshrink in the past from Phobya with no complaints but for some reason this just wan't performing properly. Usually a shrinkage factor of two or three to one (2:1 or 3:1) would be expected but this was no better than one point three to one (1.3:1). I tried a couple of times and got the same result each time. The other three packs of the black performed along the same lines when it came to the heatshrink, with 1.25:1, 1.27:1 and 1.5:1 in descending size order. Trying to understand why this was underperforming so badly I thought  I had better check my heatgun temperature even though I have had no problems with it in the past. I found my gun was reaching a standard 100C which is normally fine but this heatshrink requires at least 125C apparently. After using a different gun and taking the temperture to 130C I managed to get figures in the region of 2:1 which is more expected. I was a little concerned that the braid might not withstand it being so hot but it did seem fine under testing. So I guess just make sure that you have enough heat to make the heatshrink do it's job properly.

The blue was much more user friendly and by that I mean it was happy to shrink very easilly at lower temperatures, in fact anything from 80C upwards. The shrinkage obtained was again in the region of 2:1. I can't explain why the difference in performance between the two because they both have the same data on them.

Both braids were opaque until expanded and when relaxed very little of the inner cable or other material showed through. Apart from the extra heat requirement of the black shrink it is very good quality materials and it is just a shame that the packs are only in small 2 metre lengths. I award it 9/10.

Supplier : CandC Central:   Price: see store

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