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Motherboard Award 2009 for GIGABYTE's service and reliability from PC Pro


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Gigabyte is a winner for the 3-rd consecutive year of the PC Pro Motherboard Award for service and reliability.

“Over 14,000 consumers took part in the survey by reporting on the reliability of the products they’ve bought in the past two years, as well as the UK’s top IT retailers and internet service providers (ISPs). Each respondent also gave feedback on the after-sales service they received when things went wrong, making this the UK’s most trustworthy IT buyers’ guide.”

“When we’re buying new IT kit, whether for home or business, we tend to fall back on advice from friends and colleagues,” says PC Pro’s editor, Tim Danton. “In a way, that’s what these awards are like – and because it’s based on the feedback of 14,000 people rather than a couple, you’re far more likely to get the right advice.”

“Gigabyte is another consistent performer in the PC Pro Awards, claiming the Motherboards crown for the second year running. It topped our charts for reliability - of the 1,302 Gigabyte board owners who took part, less than 5% had any problems. And when things did go wrong, Gigabyte was there to help, with the strongest post-sales support in the industry. Little wonder that 95.5% of its customers would buy from the company again.”

The full results are live on

P.S. The comments from PC Pro for previous years awards were are follows:

PC Pro Award winner 2008 : “Gigabyte proved the clear winner here… Couple that with the top rating for reliability as well, and it’s clear why Gigabyte is this year’s winner”

PC Pro Award winner 2007 : “With motherboard as consistently reliable as Gigabyte’s, its no wonder it has such excellent brand loyalty”
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