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Xmas & New Year Contest - Overclock Your Llano APU and Win Prizes


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GIGABYTE Announces ‘Xmas & New Year Contest’
Overclock Your Llano APU and Win Prizes this Festive Season

The GIGABYTE ‘Xmas and New Year Contest’ is open to all using any AMD APU on any GIGABYTE socket FM1 A75 or A55 series motherboard, using any cooling solution. The contest winner will take home a GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD5 motherboard, with second and third place taking a GA-990FXA-UD3.

Giving you a valid reason to get down to some serious overclocking fun during this year’s festive season, the GIGABYTE ‘Xmas and New Year Contest’ will contain three cunning stages, each crafted to test your overclocking powers, while also giving you an excuse to avoid the in-laws.

‘Xmas and New Year Contest’ Stages:
1. Highest HyperTransport Bus (CPUz)
2. Highest Memory Speed (CPUz)
3. Lowest CPU Frequency (CPUz)

Note: In the event of a tied score, the highest Memory Speed will determine the winner.

This contest runs until midnight of January 31st 2012.

For complete contest rules, scoring and more details, please visit the contest page at

Good luck everybody!
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ZX-S & C64 are still my favourites ;-)