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H55M-USB3 frozen while idle (power/reset buttons non-functional)

My main machine froze last night, and I'm trying to pin down the cause.

It frozen entirely after about 5hrs idle (Deluge/web browsers & XBMC left open). Monitor still on, mouse/keyboard unresponsive, no Numlock LED light, no Ethernet activity.

Front-panel power and restart buttons were entirely unresponsive. Held power for 15-20sec with no result. Powered off with switch in back
I'm quite surprised, I've never had a freeze before where power/reset didn't work.

System config:

H55M-USB3, F11 Bios
Intel i5 760
8GB G.Skill  F3-12800CL9D-8GBXL
Coolermaster Hyper 212+ heatsink
Sapphire 5850 xtreme 1GB
Rosewell 650w PSU

I upgraded the RAM a few weeks back and overclocked my BCLK to 160 to do so. Had an issue with a continuous boot loop upon resume from sleep, went away when I boosted QPI voltage up a notch. Here's my current system config:

RAM timings 9/9/9/24, tRFC 130, 2T, XMP enabled.
Bus speed 160mhz, 18x multiplier, EIST/Cstates/turbo enabled
CPU Vcore set to Normal (windows shows 0.896 - 0.928v idle, 1.072v load)
QPI voltage 1.150v
DRAM voltage set to 1.5v (Read in windows as 1.536v)

I've been meaning to refine my OC a bit, (very much an initial half-assed attempt) but it was stable so wasn't the most pressing concern

Any suggestions?
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