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GA-A75M-UD2H with A8-3870K and old bios not F5 (new system) there is a problem?


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Hi to all,

I would like to buy the GA-A75M-UD2H and I want to install an A8 3870K on it (that is supported since bios F5).
If the GA-A75M-UD2H I will buy will not have the F5 bios onboard (I don't know what firmware it has before buying...) and since I don't have another "old"" FM1 APU, I ask if it is necessary to have another "old" FM1 APU for doing the upgrade of the BIOS to F5 (I have read this problem somewhere) or if the A8 3870K is "somewhat" recognized by the motherboard,maybe not optimal, even if it has an older bios and I can start the system and upgrade to F5 using the 3870K and without an "old" FM1 processor?
I hope it's clear what I mean

Many thanks to all

Just call and make sure it has the F5 BIOS.  I know mwave has the option on mb bundles to upgrade BIOS for a $5 fee or so.  but only in bundles.

You can also call local shops to see if they can do it for you. 

I know some ebay company used to make ANY custom or manufacturer BIOS for you for like $25 or so.

as a last resort, you can send it in to gigabyte and they'll flash it, but it may take a couple of weeks.

Good luck
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Thanks for your reply.

However I don't think that they can tell me that there is for sure F5 onboard. :( For sure this is a problem that Gigabyte would start to consider (maybe if they indicate in future on the external cardbox of the board what version is in it, is better for us...).At the moment I can't buy their product without be worried that it doesn't work on arrival, or I have to pay other $$'s only for something that Gigabyte have to indicate externally.In the past many times when a new processor of the same family arrived you are not always forced to have the correct bios for it before you installed the cpu, maybe it wasn't 100% recognized but at least it worked for the time necessary to update.

Also I don't want that mister "nobody" open my motherboard and "plays" with it, and I think that also others may think the same, now we are at a situation in that between RMA's of others people and open boxes is a lottery what you will receive on the products you buy...I don't want to play at it.I want a product NEW and for what is possible be sure that is NEW....

Regarding the firmwares on ebay or other places the sooner the companies start to do legal actions against them the better for all of us.If the firmware is property of Gigabyte I for sure understand that if someone mod's it FREELY and without any GAIN, the companies  can tolerate it like it always was, but it's a different situation if someone want to gain something for it, it has to have legal rights to do and have to warrant the work, they have the rights?? they legally warrant it??I doubt....The bios modders probably started to think that they can "translate" what was always tolerated because it's useful for the entire community in another semi illegal (also tax free) work for gain money  (we have seen many nowadays, they are not alone..).
I have seen also modders that pretends to be payed  on others forum semi-officially endorsed by other companies not only on the net.Maybe we can all help changing this stopping to pay them...and start pretending that are the companies that fix the problems of products or add/update functions if necessary in BIOS's like it was in the past.
Sorry for the off-topic but since we speaked about alternatives bioses thats my point, maybe it's useful that someone start to say something about that.

Regarding my question if someone that have recently bought these two products can confirm that it's impossible to start the board if you don't have the F5 onboard I would be grateful
Many thanks again

I feel for you.  I've had this problem on more than one occasion.  Unfortunately there is no way for a mb msker to know what future processors will be made.  So there is no way to support an unmade chip.

If you want legal action, you'd be better off going after the processor makers to force them to be more backwards compatible.  It seems it can be done as video card makers do it just fine, as well as, other peripheral makers.

as for asking someone if they got an unsupported cpu on their system is pointless.  Just because they got lucky doesn't mean you will, plus flashing with an unstable system will only lead to more troubles and you could lose the BIOS completely, then you'll definately need to send it to the manufacturer for repairs.

The only sure fire way to get the board is directly from the mb manufacturer.  they will have the latest BIOS already installed.  Any other store may have had the box on the shelf for months and have an old BIOS.

The best option is to buy it from places like mwave that can preassmble the system and update the BIOS themselves so you don't risk damaging your system yourself, plus you can get memory that is compatible as well and not worry about that either.

There's always Dell, Gateway, HP, CyberPowerPC, etc.  and buy a complete system ready to go and have a worry free system.   Probably your best/safest bet.


Lian-Li PC-Q06 GigaByte A75-UD4H AMD A8-3870K 8GB (2x4GB) G. Skill DDR3-1866 CL8 HD 6550D Antec 450 Platinum (EA-450)

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I would have to agree with MarkJohnson there regarding the realities of BIOS updates and sales. Usually people either ask the retailer to make sure that the board will come with a certain BIOS version or they will take it on themselves by using a local repair shop or sorting the problem themselves. I know it can be a pain but that is how things are industry wide.
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