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EXtreme Hard Drive (XHD)


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EXtreme Hard Drive (XHD)
« on: April 24, 2012, 04:03:05 am »
I accidentally selected (extreme Hard Drive(XHD) when trying to setup the Intel Smart Response Technology where you use the 64gb ssd for caching and preferrably a Terabyte hd acceletated and it worked with blazing fast speed. I don't have any benchmark to prove it yet but it is fast. What I meant to select in the BIOS was XHD RAID but instead as I said I choose extreme Hard Drive(XHD).
I believe in initial setup I did use the correct setting in the BIOS, XHD RAID but then later on having problems with an overclock using the Optimized Defaults setting made me have go back an reset my BIOS all over again and that is when I made this mistake of using extreme Hard Drive instead of the correct setting XHD RAID. I know it is possible because I'm doing it, but is it doing any damage to my system? Everything is coming instaneous.

I'm using Windows 7 64bit OS
Gigabyte GAZ68XP-UD4 mobo
Crucial M4 64gb ssd
WD 500gb hdd
Intel i5 2500k processor

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