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i hope this is the right forum to post this question as i was redirected here from the zotac website, anyhow here goes.
the GTX260 video card has 2 dvi outputs and 1 what appears to be a svideo din plug on the back. i wish to use the built in blue ray player to play a blue ray film and watch it on my hdtv.
the only adapter that came with the card is a DVI to VGA adapter.
my question is what cable etc do i need to do what i require as it does say on the product box 2 dual link DVI and 1 hdtv output. surely it wouldnt use the svideo type plug as i believe this doesnt give the correct type of transfer for hdtv.
any help would be appreciated.

my tv has the usual HDTV input plugs


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Re: gtx260
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HDMI*   Via adapter
Audio Input for HDMI   SPDIF

That comes from the nVidia page

So that is how you do it.

Re: gtx260
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many thanks adapter to purchase then
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