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Smart 6 Challenge - total 15 pcs of P55A motherboards to win, only 3 days left!

Is Gigabyte gonna give a response as to why some users had their scores erased? I never received any sort of reply from them. This is a bunch of crock  >:(
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i suggest you send PM to runn3R about it
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 :'( Are RUNN3R working for Gigabyte Marketing ?
If so What Runn3r can do about our problem . ???

I have a Feeling of being Stab into my back by some one i loved.

is unfair  :'(

Me too no reply from them . It is TOTALY disgusting !!! 
All this Made me understand .. Being a Fanboy is not good at all . I will stop to be blinded and give the chance to other Brand and 500+ of my fellow friends and customers.
The rules of this contest was simple "take the challenge as many time as you can..."  i get reset 2 time just at the end so i could not possibly come back to my previous score (shootscreen to testified)...ok then !!

A Marketing Team that do not Reply any question (English or Chinese Writing) ................smell as bad  like ASUS Marketing .

And a  Free Extended Warranty  mean the P55 board are faulty some where. Wen a MotherBoard work perfectly usually the maker never extend the warranty.

Good one to ALL .

Say no to the  Fanboyism , Is not good for the health and the Wallet  ;) 
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Hi Alpha (and anyone who had this issue)

First of all sorry :-[ for the problem your experienced.

I work for GIGABYTE UK but I have my contact @ Taiwan marketing team.

I will check it for you, as all the data is saved, so just please provide me with your name (email) which you used in this competition by sending it using PM (private message). Thanks!

P.S. We never could give Extended Warranty up to 6 years for P55 MB's if we were not sure about the quality of our products, please mind. As RMA service under warranty is always a cost for manufacturer. 8)
ZX-S & C64 are still my favourites ;-)

I have sent you my information but I doubt anything will happen considering the winners have already been selected.
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Winners have been posted, anyone here win?

The marketing department actually replied to one of my emails.
They said that my score was 54.
They also said that my score didn't reset to zero.
What a load of crock >:(

Thanks Gigabyte, I wasted countless amount of hours for nothing.
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I happen to win and never had my score resetted.

I got up to about 1200 points if I remember correctly.
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I got another email from the Gigabyte Marketing department.

They said on November 26 and November 27 the game server that stored all the information for the contest was compromised because there were users who tried to cheat so they had to do some house cleaning however during this process some users got their scores reset by accident.

This does add up since my score was reset on November 27th; so in the end, I got screwed over because of cheaters :'(
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Message to All who are affected by decreasing or clearing their scores

After checking by our HQ, all of the participants who reported this situation played the game on Nov 26 and 27.
The reason why the score decreased or went down to 0 is because they played the game during these 2 days, and in that time the event server went down. It happened because some users tried to play using the unfair way (cheat  :() to win the prize.

Our HQ will arrange sending GIGABYTE giveaway collection to you to say sorry.
ZX-S & C64 are still my favourites ;-)


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The End of the Story .

I have been contacted by Gigabyte Marketing at last , This is the E-mail :

" Hi Sir,
After checking the game event server with our engineer, during November 26 and November 27 these two days, our game event server was damaged because of some users try to use the unfair way (cheating) to win the prize. (We have excluded them from the lucky draw list), and this is the reason why your score decreased or went down to 0.

We would like to send you some GIGABYTE giveaway collection to present how sorry we are, we are not happy to see this happen too.
Please accectp my apology
GIGABYTE Marketing"

So they acknowledged that they have screwed up my score in the Challenge Smart 6 for a witch hunte .... what is the GIGABYTE GIVEAWAY COLLECTION is a bag and a wallet with the logo GIGABYTE .

WoaW , so after missing one of the Motherboard big Prize(their fault) i end up Promoting them more with a Wallet ?!?!
Are they really sorry ??? What about just i TATOO GIGABYTE on my forehead so i could show up i am happy of my GIGABYTE BAG and Wallet .

What a shame ....... I already got the BAG and Wallet and many other stuff since i am a affiliated gigabyte (But not for long).

Like i said They could do better for a sorry gift ... since there was surelly my name on the Winner contest board and i lost several hours to get there .

......a bag ... a wallet ....and at the end they still use us to promote their brand for free ...................... L.O.L

I will send them a E-mail to not bother sending me any Bag or Wallet , This sorry gift are really of a bad taste.

My live have Value.

Happy X'mas to all the RESETED to 0 and Happy new Year 0000  .....i mean 2010 !


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Feel free to send them to me.
I'd appreciate them if you wouldn't.


looks good! think i'll enter in on this one :) best of luck to all :D


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Hi Luraziel

This competition is closed already since 27 Nov.

But there are 2 others you can join:,1358.0.html,1427.0.html
ZX-S & C64 are still my favourites ;-)