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*** 7950/7970 2D Clock Issues ***


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*** 7950/7970 2D Clock Issues ***
« on: July 30, 2012, 11:45:50 pm »
I have just joined to explain issues with the the 2d clock change, I'm surprised there's not more threads with this issue as if you google it it's common knowledge .
My card is a Gigabyte 7970 windforce x
After a search of some forums it seems a fair
few people with 7950/7970 cards have this issue, basically you get flickering on the desktop on occasions and also I get it in games with cutscenes but not in the games themselves.
I used Afterburner to display the memory  and core clocks and sure enough in the cutscenes like Batman AC they drop to 2D clocks and BF3 Campaign scenes.
So after some suggestions from old posts on forums, I created a CCC profile then opened it in notepad and changed the idle/2D clock to the same as the 3D clock, in this case 1375mhz and sure enough the flickers go.
The only problem with this is that it makes my idle temps increase from 32c-40c!
So are Gigabyte/AMD going to sort this with a bios, update etc ?
Any information, help would be apreciated

Re: *** 7950/7970 2D Clock Issues ***
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2012, 12:40:37 am »
I'm also experiencing this issue with my 7970 and there are a number of reports of other 7900 owners affected (not just Gigabyte cards).

In my case and most, possibly all, of the others the problem arises when using a 120Hz monitor with the refresh rate set to 120Hz. Like Borley I get the flicker from time to time on the desktop, whilst scrolling in web browsers, and during game cut scenes. Always when the the 2D clock is running.

The problem ceases if I do either of the following:

- change the refresh rate to 60Hz


- disable the 2D clock or up the 2D clock memory to run at 1375 Mhz using a custom CCC profile

My monitor is connected via a Dual Link DVI cable. I've also had a Windforce GTX670  connected to it @ 120Hz without any flicker.

I'm not sure if it's a memory issue per se or perhaps voltage related. Either way neither of the workarounds is ideal and it would be good if Gigabyte could offer some suggestions  or a solution.

This isn't my video (flickering happens a lot less often) but it illustrates the problem: