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need help with newly acquired 990XA-UD3, will i need to rma it?


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well, i´m having a couple of issues. first one is that BIOS (updated to f12) sometimes shows my x6 1075t as having "normal" 1,2750vcore and once or twice it showed the proper 1,42v, thus making impossible to properly overclock. (cpu cool off, everything on manual).

and even if it showed 1,42 everytime, putting it on manual makes no difference, cpu-z, occt, and other software shows me the same thing. the vcore keeps changing from 1,38 to 1,46, even when i do not add anything (tried changing, made no difference whatsoever) to it, while having left it on default/manual. on occt at full load it stayed at 1,46v until the test ended.

last but not least, most times i cant enter bios with my usb keyboard, no matter what usb port i use, sometimes it goes on for a second (nunlock key turns on) and im able to get into bios, but most times it doesnt. and it always works 100% once windows boots up. and yes all the usb settings are tuned on in bios.

not sure if necessary but just in case, my pc specs:

ocz 550w modular fatality powersupply
x6 1075t
radeon 6950 2gb
antes 620 watercooler
2x8gb mushkin 1600mhz 10-10-10-10-27
ocz agility 3 120gb
seagate 500gb 7200.12
sata dvd reader/writer
razer deathadder
zalman zs plus case (fans replaced with high cfm ones)
ms confort 2000 keyboard

thanks in advance, i really hope theres a way to fix this, ill hate having to replace the board and dealing with rma.
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Re: need help with newly acquired 990XA-UD3, will i need to rma it?
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more information regarding some testes i did:

tried out the f13b bios, same thing. sometimes it shows 1,2750 on normal vcore, some times 1,42v and i dunno why

if i let everything on auto, inside windows with cool n quiet on idle it goes from 1,18v to 1,42 full (which is fine)

if i set everything to manual, turn off c1e and cool n quiet and let llc on manual when vroce shows 1,425 on bios + 0,025, vcore at full load stays at 1,28-1,33 . tested 30min no errors with occt BUT when i restart bios gives me error and asks me to remake the config.

this is giving me a headache, shoudl i just rma it?
GA-Z170N-WIFI, 7700k, 16GB DDR4 3000, GTX1070.