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Fan Speed Problem

Fan Speed Problem
« on: August 26, 2012, 05:05:04 am »
I just got my set up running last Tuesday. Today the alarm for my CPU fan went off. I am using a program called Open Hardware Monitor to watch the fan speeds and temps. Every time the beep happens the fan slows down then speeds up. I watched the fan with the side case open. The monitor speed drops to zero then jumps back up to 900 to 1200. The CMOS was set to variable speed. I unplugged the CPU fan from the CPU plug on the motherboard and switched it to another and watched it for a minute. No problems. I changed the CMOS for the CPU fan to run full speed all the time. No problems since. The speed is at 1912 rpm.

My Temps:
Temp 1 - does not change
Temp 2 -   min=33     max=40
Temp 3 -   min=28     max=59
Core #1 - min=16     max=47

Fan speeds:
Fan 1 - min=1891     max=1918  (CPU)
Fan 2 - min=1262     max=1301  (sys fan 1)
Fan 4 - min=1369     max=1386  (pwr_fan)

I have 4 case fans plus the CPU  fan.
Front fan    - Intake
Bottom fan - Intake
Top fan      - Exhaust
Back fan     - Exhaust

CPU fan is mounted on the bottom of the CPU cooler blowing air into the fins blowing up. The top fan is above that.

What do you guys think could be the problem?

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