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Gigabyte gtx 570 OC (rev.2) fan issues


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Gigabyte gtx 570 OC (rev.2) fan issues
« on: August 31, 2012, 09:33:20 am »
Hi All,

I am having some serious fan issues with my reference 570. As we speak the fan is running at 5000 rpms which is ridiculously loud and annoying yet my gpu is at 30c! The fan just speeds up at bootup to about 70% and stays at a relative high speed.
I have MSI afterburner installed with which I can control the fan speeds but I would love everything to work as it should without any 3rd party software?

Any ideas? I have all BIOS, drivers updated.

I guess it cant be a hardware issue since I can control fan speed with Afterburner, but I've read on the net that some people had similar problems and it added up to a wiring problem, I have not played around with this though.

Also, just for reference, I have a Gigabyte SUMO case and the back fan is not spinning at bootup? it is plugged in and the works.

A am an Engineer so i know what i'm talking about and this is not my first system, I've played around a lot with problems like this and fixed it. Its just that this has no end.