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[SOLVED]Geforce 550 Ti automatically undercloks to save power and stays that way


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Greetings. Purchased a Geforce 550 Ti card a few weeks ago and have a strange issue: when the graphics card lowers it's clocks in order to save power, their values sometimes (1 of 4 times) stay lowered until I reboot the PC.

Here's an example:

1. I use a 3D modelling package (e.g. Blender) to get some work done or to play a game if it's weekend. (all clocks of the card are running at their default values according to GPU-Z sensors)
2. After some time, I decide to turn off the GPU intensive programs and check my email or listen to some music (GPU-Z sensors show that clocks reduce to a fraction of their default values - power saving, I guess)
3. I get back into what I was doing in step one and am greeted by an incredible lag because the clock values stay as low as they were in step 2.

The only solution I found so far is a reboot, I do not have anything overclocked, my PC is otherwise running fine, matches all power requirements and etc. I also tried a full driver reinstall to no avail.
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Re: Geforce 550 Ti automatically undercloks to save power and stays that way
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After some more poking around, I found out it's an issue with the current 301.24 drivers. Will roll back to older ones for now.

Sorry for posting without poking around enough, hope this thread helps someone.