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OC Guru II flaws

OC Guru II flaws
« on: October 04, 2013, 07:24:23 pm »
Been using and liking Afterburner and PrecisionX, but I actually always liked OC Guru II's simplistic aesthetics, so I decided to give it a go today and there are specifically two issues that I can't quite get my head around:

1. At every single Windows boot-up, a balloon prompt appears saying that the card is overclocked and if I want to reset it to click in the balloon (not verbatim but this is what the message is).  The issue is that this balloon cannot be disabled, and it appears every single time you boot/reboot into Windows - not to mention, if you accidentally click inside the balloon, it resets your OC.  Silly.  The balloon either shouldn't even exist, ever, or there should be a way to disable it from ever appearing if I so choose. 

2. Locking the profile doesn't actually lock after a reboot.  What's the point of locking a profile if at boot/reboot, it's unlocked?

Suggestion: two birds could be killed with one stone!  The programmers could go back and set it up so that if a profile is locked it disables the balloon from appearing.  Clearly if I lock a profile, it's because I am satisfied with the OC results, thus I clearly know that I have an OC'd GPU, so no need to remind me at every system start-up.