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GTX580 OC Windforce 3X Crash with Crysis 2


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GTX580 OC Windforce 3X Crash with Crysis 2
« on: September 11, 2012, 05:16:03 am »
Hello everybody! I'm shiny new here ;D and I've got this weird (but maybe common) problem.

I have this 580 card, which is factory OC:ed to 795MHz core clock. This has worked very well for a long time (well not THAT long since I was late with getting a kick ass graphics card like the 580 :D). The card is just a few months old (bought it 1st of february this year) and it has never crashed before except when I started playing Crysis 2. Yes.. Crysis 2 is a BEAST! And I had to down clock my card, from factory default 795MHz to nvidia 580 spec 772MHz for it to not crash.

Is this a common problem or is my card faulty in any way? Should I return it? Other games work well but I'm afraid that down the road another beast might appear and make my card crash once again :( Battlefield 3 is a beast too, but not quite as hairy as Crysis 2, because it runs well at factory clock speed.

EDIT: Turns out I have revision 1.0 of this card, which has a BIOS update at this page Might this be the solution? I have BIOS version and the one found on the page seem to be more recent.

EDIT2: Ok the downloaded BIOS seem to be the same version as the one already on, so dead end again :(
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