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GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R (Rev 2.0) BIOS & MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T.). FAILURE


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Hi to "ALL" ,
After trying to find a resolution to unexpected "hiccup" stumbled upon this forum & spend the last 2 days of reading ......Enlightening - should have done it earlier if I only knew about its existence.THANK YOU contributors/moderators for all your good will - time & effort.

"Brief" explanation of what I was trying to achieve was/is as follows : Trying to update X58A-UD3R (Rev 2.0) to the ?? latest ?? BIOS ver. FH (?)
I do have 2 identical X58A-UD3R (Rev 2.0)  PC's and did the @BIOS update..... result = 1 x OK & 1 x ........became the reason of this post/en query/rant or.....just being curios trying to compare notes/resolve the issue (without the RMA).

Win 7/64 got a (luckily curable) hiccup.Stubbornly-  did not want to fully start - decided to to give me a good lesson and in the process of booting - gave up and started to loop.That was the beginning of this "journey" - per aspera ad astra.

On the one in not such a good "health" after so called successful update, upon entering to bios setup - MIT pages - MIT Current Status = FREEZE the PC.Any and every other entry/page is available and working the parameters are available/changeable - so called "normal behavior".

Did try the following Bios versions FH ,FH1 , FH5 ,FG1  = same results - installed but  freezing.
Did try to update them via F8 - Q Flash and / or FLASHSPI.EXE didn't change the result.
Disconnected all the SSD and HD and optical drives and reloaded the "new" bios(s) one by one  of no avail.
1st Changed the memory from the working one and 2nd a unused new one = in both cases = no go.
Changed to a bran new spare PSU , to eliminate the possibility = still not "healed".

The time to call the emergency services for help - and here I am posting this "puzzle".

Had to revert back to the only working one= ver FG ( main and backup = the same)

The specs of both PC are the same :
Win 7/64 ultimate
Bios Part Number = 7A89QG0N
CPU: i7 930 (Bloomfield D0)
Ram: OCZ3P20004GK SIZE 2GB FROM: Qualified Vendors List (QVL)  -  Triple Channel Kit
PSU: Corsair HX850w
Hard Drives: Crucial C300 128GB
Video : GTX560Ti

Would appreciate any additional thoughts ,past experiences , new ideas

NEVER give up hope.

Dark Mantis

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Well for a start we shall assume that everything is still in working order as it was running ok before the @BIOS fiasco. You will need to clear the CMOS, flash the Main BIOS with the latest version using QFlash and when it is done synchronise the Backup BIOS and Main BIOS.

The firstr thing is to clear the CMOS.

Remove the power cable from the mains supply and then press the power switch on the case for a few seconds just to drain any residual energy in the PSU capacitors.

Once done remove the motherboard battery for at least a couple of hours before replacing it.
Next plug back into the mains supply and boot.
Next update your BIOS to the latest version from the website and make sure that you use the QFlash utility to do so.

The first thing to do is go to the Gigabyte wesite and find the "Support and Downloads" section


Select your motherboard and revision number which can be found printed on the bottom left corner of the motherboard.

Click on the "BIOS" tab. This will take you to the BIOS versions download page.The newest BIOS versions are at the top of the page.

Click on your region under the "Download Here" section heading. A dialogue box will then pop up asking what you want to do with this file.

Click on "save" and note where you are saving it to.

Take a USB pendrive and make sure it is formatted with a FAT32 file system. If the file ends with .exe run it, or if it is a zip file Unzip it, and save the files (usually contains 3 files) that you just expanded to the Boot sector or a folder of your choice on this drive and insert the pendrive into a USB port.


Press the"End" key as the computer is POSTing and you will be taken into the BIOS flashing utility "Q-Flash".

At the QFlash homescreen disable the Keep DMI Data option before proceeding.

From there just follow the prompts to find your file and DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER under any circumstances. It will look for the pendrive with the file on it and use that to update the BIOS.

One thing to note is that the pendrive may show up as a floppy or hard disk instead of a USB drive. Once it has completed you can reboot.

We have since found out that the problem with getting some motherboards to "see" the USB drive is a case of using as small a drive as possible, well at least under 2Gb, and even then some will be seen and some won't. Just a matter of luck.

Now you need to synchronise the two BIOS versions.

If you have a PS2 keyboarrd connect that instead of the USB version as it is more reliable.

From a cold start with the power to the machine switched off press the power button and then enter the BIOS by pressing Del.
 Then when you get to the main screen press F9.
This will bring up an extra screen which will display more information about the two BIOS versions. Assuming they are different exit the BIOS and shutdown.

Again press the power button and this time press Alt + F12 where you would normally use the Del key to enter the BIOS. You will find that then your monitor will turn black and you will see:

Press [Enter] to start copying main BIOS to backup BIOS...

When you press Enter more text will appear saying:

Writing BIOS image.... xxxKb OK

Once completed more text will show:

BIOS successfully recovered! Power off or reset system!

Do as it says. Both Main and Backup BIOS chips now store the same BIOS version. You can now reboot as normal.

When you copy the first BIOS image to the second BIOS it also copies the current configuration
 so if you use RAID or something, set it before the copy.  It also copies over any saved profiles too.

If this doesn't work then we must assume that there is a hardware failure.

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