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VIA USB 3.0 Host Controller disappeared, and unable to install the software

So I have been messing with this issue for quite a while. My USB 3.0 hard drive doesn't work in 3.0 ports, but does work in 2.0 ports, I have been desperately trying to update drivers, in the process I found out that VIA USB eXtensible Host Controller is no longer at Device Manager. And I am unable to install VIA USB 3.0 software or uninstall the existing, if I have. There is an error which says that it can't find supported hardware. I don't know what to do!

The USB 3.0 hardware has become undetectable or something, as I can't install neither Intel USB 3.0 controller or VIA USB 3.0 controller.

Details - Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H, Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit).


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Thanks for the help... well anyways. I found on other forums that turning off computer's power supply (of course after turning off the computer itself) fixes this problem. But it didn't. But later I saw that my external hard drive is running. So I waited for a while with power supply off and then it finally fully lost power, and stopped the USB feeding process.

So this is a big issue for the Gigabyte motherboard USB's, they just never get to restart, they are constantly running, and if something goes wrong, you have to do this. However the hard-drive is still acting weird. It's running fine in USB 2.0, but when connected to USB 3.0 I get to access it, and then it reconnects and asks to format. Anyone familiar with this issue? It's an Verbatim Store'n'go 750GB (model - 53061).

EDIT : So I found a fix!!!

If the VIA USB 3.0 Host Controller has disappeared for you - Turn off PC, Turn off, Cut off power to the PSU, Wait about 10 seconds, Turn on.

If USB 3.0 ports are not working properly - Uninstall both VIA and Intel Host controllers, Restart PC, wait for the automatic USB driver installation on Windows, download both VIA and Intel drivers from your Motherboards web site, install both, Restart PC.

Case closed.  8)
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So...Gigabyte, are you planning to ever fix this?
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January 16th, 2015 here and STILL, nothing has been done about this error! I experience this on a somewhat consistent basis; the only workaround is to yes, shut down, then power back up and hope it re initializes the buggy/poorly coded VIA VL805 chip (in my case) to offer ANY USB 3.0 service. This is a major disappointment to see no one from either Gigabyte, nor VIA for that matter, seems to care. I'd post on their forums too, if it wasn't all in freaking Chinese...

I don't have an Intel board, it's an AMD one in my case, but the problem is EXACTLY the same; USB 3.0 functionality is completely lost upon some restarts, and then no restart will fix it! It ALWAYS has to be a shutdown, no sleep, just shut down and then turn it back on. I keep checking back to the BIOS page, hoping you guys release another version. I keep checking VIA's website at for a newer version(they haven't updated it since July, 2014!). Please, please give us some sort of indication this is being looked into. Nothing in any case points to Microsoft being at fault, as I had an Etron USB 3.0 chip on my last board from you guys, and that one ALWAYS worked perfectly! This VIA problem seems to be a major issue all over the net, and I'm constantly reading about it being on GIGABYTE motherboards. Perhaps some hardware/software(coding) incompatibility on the mainboard? Oh, and I keep getting HAL errors about corrupted memory on sleep transitions every now and then; pretty sure that has to do with the VIA chip not playing nicely in the lowest 1 MB of RAM. I never got that EVER with the Etron chip. Hope you guys can email me or respond to this topic. Thanks, hope you had a Happy New Year too =)
-Erik Peterson

I'm having the same issue. My external drive works in every, single USB port on back and front except front USB 3.0 header.

I've got 990fxa-ud3 rev 4.0
AMD FX 8350 AM3+
AMD Radeon HD 7850

Via VL805-q6 with Gigabyte's support v4.90a drivers

Thanks to this thread, I have discovered the problem of them disappearing so I can shutdown my computer now for it to show in device manager.

My front USB 3.0 will show the drive in device manager and safely remove hardware list. It even assigns it a drive letter. But it causes explorer to hang up and totally freeze. Cannot navigate the drive. Again, back ports, both 2.0 and 3.0, and front usb 2.0 all work fine. Even a USB 2.0 device works in this front USB 3.0 port!

Just having trouble with the front USB and on-board header. Is it the same Via driver?

Here's my device manager. I'm not sure if I need to have two USB 3.0 listed or if the Via covers both back panel and on-board.

Just disabled R_USB 3.0 in BIOS and it disabled both rear and front 3.0 from working so I guess it is the same. But the external hard drive is still getting power...
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